Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Ken's Best of 2022: #1: Tysk Tysk Task - You're Sorry More

I was a little hesitant to list Tysk Tysk Task's You're Sorry More as my #1 album of 2022. I've gotten fairly friendly with the members of the band over the year so part of me is worried that might be clouding my judgment. Plus, any self-respecting music journalist is going to name Kendrick Lamar or Taylor Swift as their top album of the year.

But I haven't emotionally connected to an album as strongly as You're Sorry More since Lady Lamb's Ripely Pine way back in 2013. Tysk Tysk Task have created this incredibly emotionally raw album that hits so many of my personal musical sweet spots. It has so much fuzz and distortion in it that it reminds me of so many of my favorites from the 90's. The album opener, "Rosegold," even opens with a cough that gives me tons of 90's indie rock warm and fuzzies. All of the songs on the album take unexpected tonal and aesthetic shifts, and I simply can't resist those. Samantha Hartsel's voice goes from near primal scream shrieks to a beautiful but pained singing throughout the album, sometimes during the course of one song. She truly poured everything she has into this album, and it's a masterpiece for those of us who like this sort of thing.

You're Sorry More isn't going to be for everyone. It's certainly not for people who view music as background noise or just want to sing along happily with their friends on a roadtrip. But for those that want their music to emotionally affect them, even if it hurts... you're going to become (possibly unhealthily) attached to this album.

Songs of note: "Rosegold," "Contagion," "Colors," "Working On It/Working It Out," and "Flies"

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