Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The Bad Ends - "The Ballad of Satan's Bride"

Photo by Jason Thrasher

The Bad Ends (aka the Athens, GA band featuring Bill Berry of R.E.M. and Mike Mantione of Five Eight) has released a new single that isn't going to be what you expect. "The Ballad of Satan's Bride" is a freaky, psychedelic song that's a lot heavier than you think it will be. The song sounds a little unhinged at times (in the best possible way) and even dances along the lines of being a noise rocker. It sounds a lot like a preacher losing their mind during an acid trip set to music. Despite being just four and a half minutes, "The Ballad of Satan's Bride" is an absolute epic track, and has us even more intrigued to see what this supergroup will get up to.

Mike Mantione says of the new song:

“‘The Ballad of Satan’s Bride’ was the first song we recorded together as a band. It has the worst villain in it of any song I’ve ever written. The song embodies total despair and tragic grief, yet I sang it with wild abandon over Bill’s soca beat pulsing at the heart as the song continues tearing itself apart. I could never have imagined the complex rhythm he played, but it instantly galvanized the arrangement.”

You can listen to "The Ballad of Satan's Bride" below. The Power and The Glory is due out January 20 on New West Records. The album can be pre-ordered here. For more on The Bad Ends, check out the band's website.

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