Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Ken's Best of 2022 - #6: Ezra Furman - All of Us Flames

I was embarrassingly late getting into Ezra Furman. Of course, I had heard of Ezra Furman and heard of her music, but things just didn't click for me until this year. An absolutely life changing live show at Crystal Ballroom in June changed everything, and as the singles for All of Us Flames were released, I got more and more excited for the album. According to Wikipedia, Furman's musical styles are art pop, alternative pop, indie pop, and indie folk. Her music is all of those styles, but it is also just more. The songs on All of Us Flames don't really fit any specific genre. She just weaves from musical style to musical style between songs and often within the same song. This is the kind of album that feels completely unique while also feeling strangely familiar. The songs on the album have elements of indie rock, doo wop, classic rock, folk, 80's New Wave... Furman's music is truly without genre. The more time you spend with this album the more you'll be rewarded.

Songs of note: "Forever in Sunset," "Point Me Toward the Real," "Book of Our Names," and "Lilac and Black"

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