Friday, December 2, 2022

Eight Foot Manchild - Self-titled EP

I was fairly certain I was going to like Eight Foot Manchild once I read they were self-described as "doombrass." The Boston based band formed out of friendships started at the original HONK Festival in 2006, with the goal of combining "... elements of stoner rock, doom metal, and street brass funk, and throw in a bit of hip hop sampling aesthetic for good measure." The resulting music has birthed a self-titled EP that is out today. Brass bands have an innate sense of joy and fun, and the songs on the EP definitely have that, but there is also that sense of doom and foreboding you get with doom metal. The four songs comprising the EP are heavy, groovy, dark, and fun. If you like brass bands or hard rock, Eight Foot Manchild are going to be exactly what you never knew you needed.

You can listen to Eight Foot Manchild's self-titled EP below. For more on the band, check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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