Friday, December 16, 2022

Ken's Best of 2022 - #3: Wet Leg - Wet Leg

This is the album I assumed would be my top album of 2022, but I may have burnt myself out from listening to it a ridiculous amount. Wet Leg's self-titled debut album was highly anticipated, and it lived up to the hype and may have exceeded it. The twelve songs on Wet Leg are all ridiculously fun indie rock songs that lean quite heavily into pop territory. The band's enthusiasm for playing is palpable on these, and whether their backstory of a group of friends who started a band just to get into music festivals for free is made up or not, you want it to be true and it just feels true. They've created this absolute party of an album that is a serious rock album that doesn't take itself remotely seriously and is oftentimes flat out funny. You have to be a certain level of cynical or top tier indie hipster to not get into these folks from Isle of Wight. As with any band that rises this quickly from out of nowhere, I'm sure there will be (or probably is already) some hipster backlash, but never forget how exciting it was to hear "Chaise Longue" for the very first time.

Songs of note: "Chaise Longue," "Ur Mom," "Wet Dream," and "Oh No"

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