Friday, December 23, 2022

Kurt Vile & His Daughters Cover "Must Be Santa"

Photo by Adam Wallacavage

As part of the Spotify Holiday Singles collection, Kurt Vile enlisted his daughters to record a cover of Bob Dylan's "Must Be Santa." While the song may not be originally done by Dylan, Vile used his version as a starting point, and then goes off wildly in his own direction. Considering Bob Dylan is a folk legend, and Kurt Vile is one of the most well respected indie guitar rockers out there today, you'd assume his version f "Must Be Santa" might go that way, even if Dylan's is much more polka than folk. Instead, the Vile family's version is an upbeat synth pop version. It's somewhere between 80's synth pop and the early 00's synth pop revival. It's an unexpected but truly fun take on the song that is a perfect late addition to any holiday playlists.

You can listen to Kurt Vile & His Daughters' version of "Must Be Santa" below. For more on Kurt Vile, check out the artist's website.

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