Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Brass Against Cover Nirvana

As much as I love cover songs, my favorites are the not obvious ones. There are about a dozen obvious songs from Nirvana to cover, but Brass Against skipped all of those in favor of "You Know You're Right." The last song recorded by Nirvana before Kurt Cobain's death, it wasn't released until eight years later for the band's greatest hits compilation. It's the kind of song I forget about, which is unfortunate because it's a fantastic song. Thankfully, Brass Against have brought it back to my attention with a pretty spot on cover, although the original didn't include any brass instruments. Singer Sophia Urista's vocals are a bit more subdued than I would have expected, letting the horns really take the forefront. I believe this is their first foray into Nirvana, so let's hope they explore that catalog a bit more.

You can watch the video for Brass Against's cover of "You Know You're Right" below. For more on Brass Against, check out the band's website.

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