Friday, December 16, 2022

Drakulas - "Shame"

You ever just know what a band is going to sound like based solely on their name? You're going to be able to do that with Austin's Drakulas. The band was founded by Mike Wiebe and Rob Marchant of Riverboat Gamblers and Zach Blair of Rise Against. Their new 7" on Drunk Dial Records (who invite artists to record a 7" consisting of an original and a cover that must be recorded in one session while inebriated) is exactly what I expected it to be. "Shame" is dark garage rock meets proto-punk song. Plus, then you see that promo pic above and you know i's also going to have to include some 80's synth, which it does. If this had been released twenty years ago Drakulas would have been swept up in that 00's garage rock revival and could have come out on top of that class of bands. "Shame" is a can't miss song.

You can watch the video for "Shame" below. The 7", which also includes a cover of Jim Carroll's "Three Sisters," can be purchased here. For more on Drakulas, check out the band on Bandcamp and Instagram.

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