Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Boston Calling Local Spotlight - senseless optimism

Artist: senseless optimism

When and where: Saturday 1:45-2:15, Red stage

One of the artists I'm most excited to see at this year's Boston Calling is senseless optimism. The main reason is that I've somehow never seen her perform before. Despite her being local and playing out quite a bit, it just hasn't happened yet. Most people I know have seen her perform, and they either speak about it in hushed tones about it being nearly life altering, or in an excited way about how amazing of a performer Brittany Tsewole is. Her sound is this incredibly unique mix of mostly indie rock and soul, but also with pieces of classic rock, R&B, folk, and just about every genre of music out there. It's almost like she's picked up bits of everything she's ever heard and liked and inserted it into her own style. senseless optimism is opening up Boston Calling on Saturday, so make sure you get there early to have your life possibly altered forever.

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