Friday, May 24, 2024

Marisa Bloom - "Dairy Queen"

Fairfield, CT's Marisa Bloom has just released the perfect song for what many consider to be the start of summer. "Dairy Queen" is an upbeat blast of nostalgia mixed with pop punk and power pop. We haven't hit the relaxed lazy days of summer yet, and Bloom's song perfectly captures the anticipation and excitement we feel as summer starts (especially if you're in a locale with a true winter). "Dairy Queen" is just a fun summertime anthem filled with longing and a sense of joy. Sometimes you just need a fun song to rock out to, and that's exactly what Marisa Bloom provides.

Marissa Bloom says her song is about "... that longing for an Oreo blizzard or an unrequited crush that gives you butterflies.”

You can listen to "Dairy Queen" below. The single is out now on Pilot Light Records. For more on Marisa Bloom, check out the artist on Instagram and Facebook.

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