Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Fold Paper - "Nothing to Report"

Photo by Emma Murphy

Fold Paper are led by Nigerian-born, Michigan-raised, and Winnipeg-based musician Chell Osuntade. The band's latest single, "Nothing to Report," is a frenzied post-punk track heavy in both noise and groove. The music sounds tangled together, with Osuntade's vocals and the drumming being the only things consistent throughout. In fact, the vocals and the music don't necessarily sound like they are meant to be heard at the same time, but somehow they end up working perfectly. This is the style of song just begging to be heard live, where it is sure to inspire some cross breed of dancing and moshing. 

Chell Osuntade says of his band's new single:

"It's kind of a reckoning with the notion of people not supporting you or believing in what you’re doing; but then your name lives on their tongue and they always wanna know what you going on…it’s weird, the paradoxical feeling of being talked about yet overlooked so; nothing to report.”"

You can watch the video for "Nothing to Report" below. The song is out now on Royal Mountain Records. For more on Fold Paper, check out the band on Instagram and Twitter.

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