Monday, May 13, 2024

Boston Calling Local Spotlight - Billy Dean Thomas

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Artist: Billy Dean Thomas
When and where: Sunday 4:00-4:30, Orange Stage

I haven't seen Billy Dean Thomas since they opened a triple bill with Ed Balloon and Oompa at Great Scott all the way back in 2019. The Queer B.I.G. was the artist I was least familiar with before that night, but I thought they blew everyone else off the stage. And if you've ever seen either Oompa or Ed Balloon live, you know that's quite the statement. Thomas brings an intense energy to their performance, and I'm psyched to watch them again, and on a much bigger stage. The only downside to Thomas' set time is that they are on against Chappell Roan on the main stage, who is unquestionably the buzziest artist on Boston Calling this year. Personally, I'm hoping to catch Billy Dean Thomas and then run across the entire festival to catch as much of Roan as I can. But, considering it's been five years, how can I possibly miss Billy Dean Thomas?

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