Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Sludgeworth - "Together Not Together"

Photo by Chris Tracy

Sludgeworth were a Chicago punk band that released music on Lookout Records! before disbanding in 1993. Now thirty years later they are back with their first new music since the break up. "Together Not Together" sounds like it could have been released on Lookout in the 90's. It's the kind of punk that is almost pop punk, but doesn't quite make it. It could be called melodic punk, but that almost doesn't quite feel right, either. If you have even the slightest nostalgia for that time period of punk, you're going to love "Together Not Together." And if you've never heard of Sludgeworth before today, welcome to your new favorite reunited vintage punk band!

Singer Dan Schafer says of the band's new song:

“The title refers to our band. We haven’t released anything new in 32 years, then there’s also a physical distance between us. I think when you haven’t played together in that long, you can return anew. The inspiration for this album can be summed up in one word: Enthusiasm. It was there for all of us. Originally I thought the idea of new music was a terrible idea. But then the guys sent me the music they were kicking around, and words and a melody immediately popped into my head. Those few seconds changed everything. After 32 years since our last recording, I can honestly say I couldn’t be more excited about this release."

You can watch the video for "Together Not Together" below. Together Not Together is due out May 17 on Red Scare Records. For more on Sludgeworth, check out the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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