Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Happy Little Clouds - "I Don't Suppose"

Photo by Jac Mestel

Happy Little Clouds' latest single dates back to singer Jac Mestel's college days. Described as "melodic, soulful post-grunge," "I Don't Suppose" is pop leaning, but has its roots in hard rock. Mestel's vocals are almost pure pop and soul, but the guitar is filled with fuzz and grit. The result is a hard rock song that is fun and more than a little playful. "I Don't Suppose" is kind of like a soul singer fronting The Gits. As an added bonus, the song ends in this absolute unexpected cacophony that sort of resembles a punk breakdown and a Sonic Youth noise freak out, but a pop version of both.

Jac Mestel says of the band's latest single:

“I wrote this song back in college when I was naive and first figuring out how to navigate early adulthood. I really felt behind my peers in so many ways, most notably in dating as a young queer person.”

You can listen to "I Don't Suppose" below. For more on Happy Little Clouds, check out the band's website.

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