Tuesday, May 7, 2024

P&B - "Waste My Time"

Photo via Facebook

P&B are the duo of Paris Ashwood and Bob Tinsley, who met at the University of Hull. Their latest single, "Waste My Time," is an interesting version of mainstream folk rock, but with just enough of an indie vibe to it to keep things interesting. Ashwood has lead vocal duties on this one, and she has a soulful quality to her vocals that reminds me a little of Aly Spaltro (aka Lady Lamb). P&B are the rare artist that is going to appeal to both mainstream music fans and indie snobs, particularly with Tinsley's indie rock meets blues guitar work towards the end.

Bob Tinsley says of the band's latest single:

“It’s always one of the last ones in our set & goes down well with the audience every time. Usually, it’s just the two of us playing it, so it’s great to finally give our listeners a fully-fledged studio version with a full band sound.”

You can listen to "Waste My Time" below. The single is out now via Warren Records. For more on P&B, check out the artist on Facebook and Instagram.

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