Wednesday, May 22, 2024

First Listen: New Releases for 17 May 2024

Artist: GUPPY
Album: Something is Happening...
Quick Thoughts: So GUPPY doesn't take things too seriously, but I forget how much fun some Big Dumb Indie Rock can be. "Texting and Driving" is a great song no matter what, but when you have a song about a 10 foot tall Nancy Pelosi, well... Listen, will this be everyone's cup of tea? Of course not. But the level of absolute joy that is just drenching its runtime is worth noting, and is something that will be on rotation here for quite a while to come.
Songs of Note: "Dog (Made Me Do It)," "Mayor Pt. 2," "American Cowboy," "I'm Fighting a 10 Foot Tall Nancy Pelosi," "Texting and Driving," "Candied Pecans," "Nature Song"

Artist: Stress Dolls
Album: Queen of No
Quick Thoughts: The debut album from Stress Dolls is a long-time coming, as the solo moniker provides a hell of a punch. A strong, robust vocal delivery that reminded me of Patti Smith even before reaching her cover of "Because the Night," this is an excellent, excellent listen from an artist you should really watch out for.
Songs of Note: "Body," "Close Enough," "Crazy," "Pretty," "Because the Night"

Artist: Alessandro "Asso" Stefana
Album: Alessandro "Asso" Stefana
Quick Thoughts: A mostly-instrumental roots-ambient effort, I was surprised by how much this resonated with me on a whole. While the entire listen is worthy of your time, of note for this release is the use of some of Roscoe Holcomb's recordings, bridging the modern with the past in a way that rarely works as well as it does here. It's unique and different, and a favorite of the week.
Songs of Note: "Out of the Blue," "The House," "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow," "Moonshiner"

Artist: MaidaVale
Album: Sun Dog
Quick Thoughts: While I don't know for certain whether this band is named for the London neighborhood or the BBC studios located within, I can say that this band has one of the more interesting rock records this week. A version of post-rock that doesn't try to retread anyone else's path, when this works it's some of the best stuff out this week.
Songs of Note: "Faces [Where is Life]," "Fools," "Wide Smile, All is Fine," "Control," "Vultures"

Album: Everyone's Getting Involved: A Tribute to Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense
Quick Thoughts: I fell down a Talking Heads rabbit hole last year that I have yet to fully dig out of yet, so the timing on this tribute record is great. As with any compilation album, some parts are better than others, but between The National making it sound like "Heaven" was meant for them from the start and girl in red nailing the vibe in a straightforward approach to "Girlfriend is Better," it's worth a listen if you're a fan. Now to find 90 minutes to watch Stop Making Sense...
Songs of Note: "Heaven" (The National), "Burning Down the House" (Paramore), "Making Flippy Floppy" (Tenzo Touchdown), "Genius of Love" (Toro y Moi and Brijean), "Girlfriend is Better" (girl in red), "Take Me to the River" (Lorde), "Crosseyed and Painless" (Chicano Batman and Money Mark)

Of note:

* The Lovely Eggs - Eggsistenialism (Great alt-rock from an underrated, underappreciated act.)
* FJAAK - FJAAK THE SYSTEM (Solid electronic listen.)
* Regurgitator - Invader (A chaotic delight.)
* Billie Eilish - HIT ME HARD AND SOFT (A welcome return to form.)
* JAckson Elswyth - At Fargrounds
* Ani DiFranco - Unprecedented Sh!t
* dw destroyer - Middle Child
* Apples With Moya - A Heave of Lightness on the Ground
* ctrl + me - Steal the Car
* Ghostly Kisses - Darkroom
* Guster - Ooh La La
* Lip Critic - Hex Dealer
* Dog Party - Dangerous
* MALVINA - Mercedes
* Jennifer Tefft and The Strange - Strange Beginnings
* Wu-Lu - Learning to Swim on Empty
* Shellac - To All Trains
* Female Gaze - Tender Futures
* The Avett Brothers - The Avett Brothers
* Joywave - Permanent Pleasure
* Of Montreal - Lady on the Cusp
* Anna Egge - Sharing in the Spirit
* Erlend Øye & La Comitiva - La Comitiva
* Cage the Elephant - Neon Pill
* Blitzen Trapper - 100's of 1000's, Millions of Billions
* girli - Matriarchy
* So Totally - Double Your Relaxation
* Bad Bangs - Out of Character
* Lightheaded - Combustible Gems
* The Anti-Queens - Disenchanted
* musclecars - Sugar Honey Iced Tea!
* Phoebe Go - Marmalade
* Carb on Carb - Take Time
* Sooks - Moral Decay
* Crumb - AMAMA
* Goblin Daycare - AGITPROP HOTLINE!!
* Dad Doxxxer - Dad Doxxxer
* Blu - abc
* Kaia Kater - Strange Medicine
* Laci Kaye Booth - The Loneliest Girl in the World
* Lamusa II - DON'T
* Thomas Powers - A Tyrant Crying in Private
* Orchid Mantis - i only remember the good parts
* Beth Gibbons - Lives Outgrown
* Porij - Teething
* Chad Crouch - Castle Canyon Soundwalk


* Berbian - Academic Aria: A Graduation Collection
* Loupe - Flaws of a Circle
* Olympia - Love for One
* Pet Shop Boys - Furthermore
* Bug Seance - I'm right here
* Kitty Ca$h - Handke With Care
* Plum Vision - See U Later, Goodbye
* Comic Sans - Ojala fuera mi cumpleanos
* Draag - Actually, the quiet is nice
* Charteuse - Morning Ritual Remix
* Ricky Desktop - some cool house beats i just made
* Magic Fig - Magic Fig
* Olympia - Love for One
* renforshort - clean hands dirty water
* Gumshoes - Save the Date
* Slate - Deathless
* Anna Ash - Weather Pattern

Also out:

* Kerry King - From Hell I Rise
* Kate Hudson - Glorious

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