Thursday, June 6, 2024

Amy Annelle featuring Jolie Holland - "Pull Tabs and Broken Glass"

Photo by Philip Rogers

The latest from Austin's Amy Annelle is vintage country, but through an alt-country prism. "Pull Tabs and Broken Glass" has that classic country and folk sound that always wins us over, but it just has a slightly alt-country quality that modernizes it just a bit. This is the perfect style of song if you're a fan of outlaw country or the classics. Plus, it features Jolie Holland on background harmonies, so you simply can't go wrong with that. "Pull Tabs and Broken Glass" is a gorgeous country track that is irresistible even if you're an "anything but country" person.

You can listen to "Pull Tabs and Broken Glass" below. The Toll is due out August 2. For more on Amy Annelle, check out the artist's website.

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