Monday, June 17, 2024

Circus Trees - "Trap Door"

Massachusetts' based sibling band Circus Trees have shared one last single with us before their album comes out, and it shows a little bit of a change of sound. "Trap Door" is a little more reserved than we're used to hearing from the band, but it still packs an emotional punch. The track starts off as a little more of a straightforward alt-rock song with some edges of punk. For Circus Trees, this one is almost a ballad, but it's a little too loud for that. It fits into the harder edged shoegaze sound that we've been all about lately, although it's more of a rock based dream pop song more than shoegaze. "Trap Door" stays restrained a little longer than you'll expect it to, but once the crescendo hits and Circus Trees let it all loose, it's like a freight train of sonic force careening out of your speakers.

You can watch the video for "Trap Door" below. For more on Circus Trees, check out the band on Instagram and Twitter.

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