Friday, June 21, 2024

Crow Follow - "I'm in Love with You"

Photo by Kelly Davidson Studio

Crow Follow are by far our favorite Boston "shaman rock and urban cabaret brigade," so we're thrilled that they have a new single out today. "I'm in Love with You" is a joyful burst of low-rock, or a more organic version of post-punk. It's kind of like if you got goths to try out being a jam band, or if you crammed X-Ray Spex in a room with Morphine to see what happens. Crow Follow are a wonderfully strange band that often likes to dance right on the edge of the mainstream, almost to tempt the normies. A song like "I'm in Love with You" shows them at the very top of their game.

Vocalist Agent Judy says of the band's latest single:

“‘I’m In Love With You’ is another statement of determination from a band that relentlessly promotes our drive to live and thrive. We will not be swayed from our deepest connections to the evolutionary source of our creative forces. That’s where it’s all at. It says that we can engage power from the carnal core to lofty ideals by engaging with love in all its forms. Art is the expression of that experience.”

You can listen to "I'm in Love with You" below. The song is out now via Rock Garden Records. For more on Crow Follow, check out the band's website.

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