Tuesday, June 4, 2024

First Listen: New Releases for 24 and 31 May 2024

Artist: nikolaos nnt ntantalis
Album: new frontiers
Quick Thoughts: I don't know who this performer is, and their social media and internet presence are so very very light, but holy crap if this isn't my favorite electronic record in recent memory. It's got some interesting sampling, some catchy material throughout the whole thing, and it's just super compelling. Really great listen that's worth the time.
Songs of Note: "we were alone and we touched the glass," "control over," "poseidon two," "my ex files," "tonight with a hindu ghost," "aqua deep"

Artist: Yea-Ming and The Rumours
Album: I Can't Have It All
Quick Thoughts: Another recent surprise, this is a gorgeous little indie pop record with some alt-country vibes and gorgeous production throughout. I was continually surprised by this one - songs like "Big Blue Sea" feel simple on the surface, but Yea-Ming's voice rings through perfectly. The whole album is full of little gems like this, and I absolutely loved it.
Songs of Note: "I Tried to Hide," "Big Blue Sea," "Can We Meet In the Middle," "Before I Make It Home"

Artist: Linn Koch-Emmery
Album: Borderline Iconic
Quick Thoughts: In terms of radio-friendly alt-rock, Linn Koch-Emmery's sophomore effort is a polished joy. Songs like "No Hands" and "Ebay Armour" in particular just do the trick across the board, and present a singer-songwriter who not only knows her voice but knows how to get the most out of her songs. A great listen.
Songs of Note: "No Hands," "Ebay Armour," "Colombian Embassy," "Happy," "These Days"

Artist: Aluminum
Album: Fully Beat
Quick Thoughts: A lot of us were waiting somewhat impatiently for a full-length from Aluminum and it's great that the wait was worth it. It's got a good grungy feel with a bit of post-punk mixed in, a little Sunny Day Real Estate without the emo trappings. Don't skip this one.
Songs of Note: "Smile," "Behind My Mouth," "Pulp," "Everything"

Artist: Bronwyn Keith-Hynes
Album: I Built a World
Quick Thoughts: It's been a minute since we got some pure bluegrass here, and been close to four years since ace fiddler Bronwyn Keith-Hynes gave us an album. This sophomore effort features a confident artist with chops for days, and is largely reminiscent of early Sarah Jarosz crossed with the heyday of progressive bluegrass from a decade or so ago. Really great listen.
Songs of Note: "Up for Losing Sleep," "The Lonesome Whippoorwill," "Scotty's Hoedown"

Artist: +/-
Album: Further Afield
Quick Thoughts: It's been a literal decade since the last record from +/-, and I loved their last album quite a bit. Ten years later, they've still got it - between the distinct percussion and the expert alt-rock trappings in the songwriting, it's a welcome return.
Songs of Note: "Borrowed Time," "Calling Off the Rescue," "Contempt," "Redrawn"

Artist: Anna Tivel
Album: Living Thing
Quick Thoughts: While anything Anna Tivel puts out ends up being an automatic listen around these parts, the reality is that this album feels more like an evolution of her sound than any of her standard records to date. The songs, with additional instrumentation and production that feels new and different, gives Tivel's distinctive songwriting the little bit extra new listeners will find appealing while old fans like us will continue to love.
Songs of Note: "Real Things," "Kindness of a Liar," "Disposable Camera," "Altogether Alone"

Artist: Gaffa Tape Sandy
Album: Hold My Hand, God Damn It
Quick Thoughts: I gotta say, this album won me over. It's definitely loud and proud, but the vocal delivery and overall tone make for an album that continually surprises. A song like "Dead to Me" is certainly an addictive grower, but of the many records of the last few weeks, I'm more excited to experience the ride of this album again more than the rest. Definitely worth a spin.
Songs of Note: "Dead to Me," "Energy"

Artist: GIMMY
Album: Things Look Different Now
Quick Thoughts: A debut solo project from Australia, this has a singer-songwriter feel in some ways, but also a more artistic, poetic tendency throughout. A really solid listen and great debut - if you can listen to "SWEAT" and not really get into what she's doing, I don't know what you're doing.
Songs of Note: "Watered a Fern," "Fall On Me," "SWEAT (An Australian Summer," "Things Look Different Now," "Feel Alive"

Artist: The Woggles
Album: Time Has Come
Quick Thoughts: Every time I think I'm all set with another garage rock revival act, something like The Woggles comes up and absolutely kills. The band is not what I would call subtle in terms of their approach, but it works for them - it's very much a send-up of that late 1960s/early 1970s rock and roll, but also a very honest and reverent take at the same time. It's a hard balancing act, and The Woggles pull it off seemingly with ease. A mandatory listen this week.
Songs of Note: "Her Majesty's Pleasure," "Do the Slug," "Time Has Come," "Hole in My Heart," "Trouble Loves Me," "Wearing On My Soul"

Artist: Niamh Regan
Album: Come As You Are
Quick Thoughts: This popped up in my list due to the collab with SOAK, "Record," but the reality is that the whole album is as good as, if not better than, the early listens. It's the sort of folk rock that sticks to your guts, and I couldn't get enough of it. A great listen.
Songs of Note: "Music," "Nice," "Blame," "Long Haul," "Record"

Of note:

* silver biplanes - Travelling By Candlelight (Delightful and reminscent of Belle & Sebastian-era tweecore.)
* La Luz - News of the Universe (A really solid roots-informed listen.)
* Girl and Girl - Call a Doctor (Lots of fun, think if the Decemberists were theater kids instead of creative writing students.)
* Hooveriii - Quest for Blood (Great indie-alt.)
* Paul Weller - 66
* Tiny Habits - All for Something
* Friko - Where we've been, Where we go from here
* Andrew Bird - Sunday Morning Put-On
* Bess Atwell - Light Sleeper
* Black Mare - Outsiders
* Sam Jr. - Inner Shadow
* Finom - Not God
* Bibi Club - Feu de garde
* Raised on TV - Make Time to Make Time
* Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys - A Human Home
* Nomeansno - Wrong
* mui zyu - nothing or something to die for
* Chad Crouch - Wildwood Soundwalk
* Llora - Llora
* The Weird Sisters - Who Are the Weird Sisters?
* Ash Redhorse and The Midnight Suns - Escaping Eden
* Backyard Wrestling - Jorts
* Broken Head - The Morning Ends
* The Marias - Submarine
* DK the Drummer - Temporal
* Jasmine Guffond - Alien Intelligence
* Caoilfhionn Rose - Constellation
* BLue Ranger - Close Your Eyes
* Maya Hawke - Chaos Angel
* Swamp Dogg - Blackgrass: From West Virginia to 125th St
* Phebe Starr - Dirt
* Bat for Lashes - The Dream of Delphi
* RM - Right Place, Wrong Person
* Winston Hightower - Winston Hytwr
* Jon Muq - Flying Away
* Hey Cowboy! - Off the Cob
* Sofia Wolfson - Imposing on a Hometown
* Thou - Umbilical
* Lena - Loyal to Myself
* Martha Rose - Close to Close
* Idaho - Lapse
* Bonnie McKee - Hot City
* Another Michael - Pick Me Up, Turn Me Upside Down
* Cal Fish - Indecision Songs
* Zip-Tie Handcuffs - Moss
* King Hannah - Big Swimmer
* Anastasia Coope - Darning Woman
* Buffalo Tom - Jump Rope
* Atomic Lobster - Claws
* Audio Assault - System in Overload
* Cobalt Chapel - Orange Synthetic
* Brian Eno, Holger Czukay, and J. Peter Schwalm - Sushi. Roti. Reibekuchen
* Lovelorn Dolls - Deadtime Stories
* Pimps of Joytime - Don't Belong
* Michael Shrieve - Drums of Compassion
* Warmshine Room - Fugitive
* Audio - Positive Feelings Pretty Much
* Lana Nauphal - Wildland
* Black Dresses - LAUGHINGFISH
* Aquaserge - La fin de l'economie


* Tysk Tysk Task - Helium Dreams (Collection of their recent singles; among the best stuff they've put out yet.)
* Kristen Hersh - Clear Pond Sessions
* Boyish - We're all gonna die, but here are some covers
* Cheekface - Sort Of
* Siobhan Wilson - FLOWERCORE Vol. 2
* Deap Vally - (ep)ilogue
* Pardoner - Paranoid in Hell
* Half Waif - Ephemeral Being
* Luby Sparks - Songs for the Daydreamers
* The Shacks - Gentle
* Lorelei Marcell - Dear Conformity
* The Reds, Pinks, and Purples - This is Adult Art School
* Phoebe Green - Ask Me Now
* 777Dreamresort - [TEARS OF SAGA]
* Annie-Dog - Fish
* Meli Levi - All Things May Be
* Yumi Nu - BLOODY
* sidebody - full time job
* Floating World Pictures - Ocean Moon
* Garage Sale - Stars Fall 2
* Kirin J Callinan - Can't F*ck the F*cker
* Avdree and Liza Anne - Just before overdose
* Rony Rex - Dopamine
* Lip Filler - witchescrew
* Kiesza - Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1
* Groove Armada - Free Jam EP
* Winter - ...and she's still listening
* Softcult - Heaven
* cistern - New Standard
* mary in the junkyard - this old house

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* From Far It All Seems Small: A Compilation from Seattle's Underground (So many great hidden gems here.)
* Illinoise: A New Musical (Original Cast Recording) (As an aging hipster and former theater kid, this is... something.)
* Anjunadeep 15

Also out:

* Pedro Guerra - Parceiros, Vol. 2


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