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First Listen: New Releases for 21 June 2024

Artist: The Shacks
Album: Big Crown Vaults Vol. 2
Quick Thoughts: "Wings" made some playlists for me a while back, and I didn't realize an album was dropping. Wow, it is good! A really solid listen from start to finish, with Isobel Campbell-esque vocals and a light touch to it that transcends the normal idea of indie twee. Produced by Leon Michels of El Michels Affair as part of the Big Crown Vaults series, I loved this a lot and it's worth your time.
Songs of Note: "For Real," "Trip to Japan," "Wings," "Crimson & Clover," "Wind," "Drone"

Artist: Your Old Droog
Album: Movie
Quick Thoughts: Everyone's so busy with the Kendrick/Drake feud and the return of Slim Shady that we've led Your Old Droog wallow in semi-obscurity. Movie is the latest in a line of albums that show he deserves to be part of the discussion, with an album that feels as much as an introduction to new listeners as it does the latest evolution for those of us who have been on the bandwagon for a while. "I Think I Love Her" is a beautiful song, "3 MILLI" a great listen, and the whole thing is among his best.
Songs of Note: "I Think I Love Her," "Mercury Thermometers," "What Else?" "3 MILLI," "DBZ"

Artist: The Greeting Committee
Album: Everyone's Gone and I Know I'm the Cause
Quick Thoughts: This album surprised me again and again. It has an radio-ready indie pop feel, but I feel like that shoehorns them into a box the group doesn't belong. The songwriting is sharp and tight, and the album shines from start to finish with memorable songs and a unique, but familiar, sound. Don't skip this one.
Songs of Note: "Cyclical," "Little Bit More," "Where'd All My Friends Go?" "Don't Talk"

Artist: Emiliana Torrini
Album: Miss Flower
Quick Thoughts: This brings me back, to an extent, because I believe I saw Torrini open for Radiohead back when the venue in Mansfield was still Great Woods (or at least still the Tweeter Center). Either way, it's been a while since we've heard from the Nordic singer-songwriter and this has some of her strongest material since "Big Jumps" made some waves a while back. Overall, really happy to hear from her again.
Songs of Note: "Lady K," "Waterhole," "Black Lion Lane"

Artist: Kate Nash
Album: 9 Sad Symphonies
Quick Thoughts: Speaking of happy to hear from her again, this is the first set of new tunes from blog favorite Kate Nash since Glow, and she hasn't lost a step in her six years away from making albums. "My Bile" is exactly the sort of anthemic setpiece we want to hear from her, and across the runtime you have so many winners that you can't help but smile (despite the downer title). Welcome back, Kate Nash.
Songs of Note: "My Bile," "Wasteman," "Ray," "Vampyre"

Artist: O.
Album: WeirdOs
Quick Thoughts: Finally, this was a revelation. WeirdOs are a European jazz duo, but that sort of buries the whole everything. It's manic, it's experimental, it's explosive, it's raw, it's sharp... it's a lot! For what is basically a two instrument jazz-punk act (sax and drums), the sound is full and neither performer takes the bulk of the spotlight - I can't imagine anyone else driving the sax this way, nor can the drums, informed heavily by EDM beats, really fall by the wayside. I can't wait to get back to this, as it's really honestly one of the best things I've heard in a while.
Songs of Note: "176," "Wheezy," "Cosmo," "Green Shirt," "Slap Juice"

Of note:

* Zan and The Winter Folk - New Morse Code (Lots to love about this rootsy effort.)
* Who's Who - Ulterior Motives (The Lost Album) (Features a previously lost title track subject to a massive internet hunt that ended in the funniest way possible.)
* The Blisks - Elixa
* Aseethe - The Cost
* Nat Harvie - New Virginity
* Joe Gittleman (ex-Bosstone) - Hold Up
* Ex-Hyena - A Kiss of the Mind
* Been Stellar - Scream from New York, NY
* Tony Trischka - Earl Jam
* Evelinn Trouble - Season Indicators
* Castle Black - The Highway at Night
* Tinkertown - American Gothic
* talker - I'm Telling You the Truth
* Homeboy Sandman - Rich II
* Magic Shoppe - Down the Wych Elm
* Kai Tak - Designed in Heaven Made in Hone Kong
* Rui Gabriel - Compassion
* Pepe Deluxe - Comix Sonix
* The Mysterines - Afraid of Tomorrows
* The Third Sound - Most Perfect Solitude
* Kronos Quartet - Outer Spaceways Incorporated
* d'Eon - Leviathan
* Pond - Stung!
* Michael Christmas - Unsexy
* Nicotine - God's Baby
* Typhoid Rosie - Last Words
* Kehlani - CRASH
* Tryp Tych Tryo - Warsaw Conjunction
* Kartell - Everything is Here


* Freshman Woes - A TRIBE CALLED FRESH
* Tom Caruana - Shaw Enuff
* Qveen Herby - The Alchemist
* Priscilla Block - PB2
* Mest - Youth
* Twit One - Crix
* The Mary Wollopers - Home Boys Home
* Brad Marino - Hot Rod Rampage
* cr1tter - yea I think
* King Krule - SHHHHHHH!
* Lebra Jolie - What Was Said?
* Young Man Winter - Leading Light

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* R.E.M. - Live from the Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury Festival, June 25, 1999 (Re-issue/re-release, originally on R.E.M. at the BBC.)
* Global Underground #46: ANNA - Lisbon
* Adjunadeep Essentials 02

Also out:

* Lake Street Dive - Good Together
* Until the Ribbon Breaks - V I S I T O R

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