Wednesday, August 19, 2020

King Yosef - "The Dull Blade"

King Yosef is the musical project of Portland, OR musician, singer, and producer Yosef Pelletier. It's hip hop... maybe? His latest single, "The Dull Blade," is far heavier and edgier than most rap we've heard in years, if not decades. It's more like if Atari Teenage Riot was melded with Sleaford Mods, and they decided to go make a straight up hip hop record, but couldn't help but mix industrial and metal with it.

King Josef says of "The Dull Blade":

"I wrote this song as I was reflecting on a lot of people in my life passing in the last few years. 
I always thought that was something that happened when you got older but, here I am in my 20s learning how to keep moving forward with all these people gone.
Eventually you start to go numb from it all, in order to keep moving, but it keeps chipping away at you until you don't realize how broken down you are cause you've neglected to look at those circumstances from the fog you're in. You then get down to the point where you want to die, but when all is said and done, I think despite all those feelings, I want to live and if it was my time I'd be horrified to see I had wasted my life sitting in the fog I cast on myself."

You can watch the video for "The Dull Blade" below. The single is currently available on King Yosef's Bandcamp. For more on King Yosef, check out his Twitter.

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