Thursday, August 6, 2020

Jesse Roper - "Right Now"

British Columbia's Jesse Roper is making folk music for giant festivals. His latest single, "Right Now," takes the normally quiet and personal genre and makes it huge. Sure, there are other folk/Americana artists that play arenas, but they typically lose what makes folk great. "Right Now" is a huge arena ready folk/rock song that keeps the true spirit of folk alive, despite being a huge rock song. It starts off simply enough, like most more mainstream folk songs do these days. And then it just keeps getting bigger and louder as the song goes on. Plus, it couldn't be more obvious in its political leanings. As the press release says, "Roper doesn't expect this song to change the world. He does, however, want to rock the fuck out, sing things into a microphone that he believes, and crush guitar riffs."

You can listen to "Right Now" below. Horizons, the upcoming album from Jesse Roper, will be out soon. For more on Jesse Roper, check out his Facebook.

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