Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Zephaniah OHora - "We Planned to Have It All"

When you listen to the latest single from Zephaniah OHora, you would never guess that it's by a guy in Brooklyn in 2020. "We Planned to Have It All" sounds like Nashville country, from at least forty, if not fifty years ago. OHora gives his music this nearly timeless sound. "We Planned to Have It All" is pure classic country. It's a heartbreaking honky tonk ballad, and epitomizes the phrase "They don't make music like this any more." It's such a classic sounding song that it could have been written by Merle Haggard or Gram Parsons decades ago. In fact, OHora has members of Haggard's band guest on this upcoming album. This is perfect music for those of us that love country but hate the pop or bro aspects of modern country radio. Zephaniah OHora is exactly the type of country we love here at If It's Too Loud...

You can listen to "We Planned to Have It All" below. Listening to the Music, the upcoming album from Zephaniah OHora, will be out August 28 on Last Roundup Records. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Zephaniah OHora, check out his website.

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