Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Venomous Pinks Cover H2O

H2O are just one of those bands. I got into them at my very first Warped Tour (1996?) and I've been into them off and on ever since, even if listening to them makes me feel ancient at times. Even so, there's no denying how iconic "5 Yr. Plan" is. That song will always suck me in no matter what my mood is, and it's deeply tied into some pretty great memories of my 20's. 

Which is why I'm so thrilled with The Venomous Pinks covering "5 Yr. Plan." We already know their killer cover of Joan Jett's "I Want You," so we know they can rock a cover song with the best of them. This one is a remote quarantine cover, and their love of H2O and the original comes right through. It's a nearly note for note rendition, with the only difference being the gang vocal chorus is only two people. It's a fun cover, perfect if you love H2O, The Venomous Pinks, or both (which should be the case).

You can watch the video of The Venomous Pinks's cover of "5 Yr. Plan" below. For more on The Venomous Pinks, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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