Monday, August 10, 2020

Linnea's Garden - "Like the Patriarchy"

Back when Linnea Herzog announced the formation of Linnea's Garden after Powerslut disbanded, I assumed she was going to tone down the subject matter of her songs. Well... that is definitely not the case. "Like the Patriarchy," the latest single from Linnea's Garden is a noisy, dance friendly burst of power pop, with a chorus that includes "I wanna fuck you like the patriarchy." Other lyrics like "Lift me onto the sink 'til I can't even think" and "On the floor, want it more" show that Herzog is just getting started. Plus, "Like the Patriarchy" might be the catchiest song we've brought you in months. You're going to find yourself singing these lines to yourself while walking your toddler around the neighborhood or sending out work emails, so be warned.

You can watch the video for "Like the Patriarchy" below. The song is currently available on Linnea's Garden's Bandcamp. For more on Linnea's Garden, check out the band's website.

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