Thursday, August 13, 2020

Sam Lynch - "Good Year"

I don't think there is another song as minimal as "Good Year" that is as powerful. Vancouver's Sam Lynch crafted "Good Year" with almost no instrumentation. The vast majority of the song is just Lynch's vocals. For the first half it's virtually just her voice with occasional piano. Slowly strings start to edge their way in, but without taking over the song. Even when the song isn't as minimal as it is in the beginning, you're so locked into Lynch's voice that you barely even notice.

Sam Lynch describes the inspiration for "Good Year": "I started writing this song a long time ago, and it has since become a little flicker of light for me. I witnessed someone very close to me hold so strongly to the belief that everything would be okay, even when all signs pointed to the opposite; I've found so much comfort in repeating her words over and over— it will be good.”

You can watch the video for "Good Year" below. Little Disappearances, the upcoming album from Sam Lynch, will be out this Fall on Birthday Cake. For more on Sam Lynch, check out the artist's website.

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