Thursday, August 20, 2020

Maxwell Stern featuring Laura Stevenson - "Left in the Living Room"

We're obviously going to listen to anything Laura Stevenson is involved with. Our Laura Stevenson fandom is very well documented here. Her inclusion on the latest single from Maxwell Stern is what got our attention, but "Left in the Living Room" would still be a great song without her. Stern is set to release his debut solo album, having previously been a member of Meridian and Timeshares. His solo work is different from the emo and pop punk of his previous bands. "Left in the Living Room" is a great Americana/indie rock song. It's a chilled out indie song with some serious roots showing. Stevenson's backing vocals add just the right element that will suck you in fully. It's a beautiful ballad, and it's a must listen for anyone that's been into what Stevenson has been doing lately.

You can listen to "Left in the Living Room" below. Impossible Sum, the debut solo alum from Maxwell Stern, will be out September 25 (which is becoming quite the stacked release date) via Lauren Records. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Maxwell Stern, check him out on Twitter.

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