Monday, August 17, 2020

Partner - "Hello and Welcome"

Photo by Lesley Marshall
Partner are officially our favorite "Canadian Queer Post Classic Rock" band. They've been towing the line between music that is funny and more serious music for as long as we've been aware of them, and their latest single moves in a completely new direction for the band. Sure, it has humor in it, but it's hardly a novelty. Plus, the sound moves more in the direction of post classic rock, while not completely leaving behind their 90's sound. (There's quite a lot going on in "Hello and Welcome...") It's almost like Sleater-Kinney decided to rock out in stadiums while opening for KISS, but with more than a little honkey tonk. And prog rock. Oh, and they're absolutely shredding on guitar now.

You can watch the video for "Hello and Welcome" below. There's also a second single released along with this one called "Rock is My Rock," which is a little more jokey than this one. You can find that one here. In Search of Lost Time, the upcoming album from Partner, will be out November 20 on You've Changed Records. For more on Partner, check out their website.

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