Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Aaron Perrino - Dystopian Demos

In the wake of the end of The Sheila Divine (although maybe not, since Aaron Perrino announced he will still use the name and the band was listed for this year's obviously cancelled Boston Calling), Aaron Perrino has finally released some music as a solo artist. Dystopian Demos doesn't sound like The Sheila Divine at all. Some of the songs on the EP have more of a pop sound and less of a guitar. "The Sun Will Grow" and "Dylan the Villain" have a lo-fi New Wave feel to them. "A Love Uncertain" sounds a little more like newer Sheila Divine, but still not quite exactly the same. "Virus Got Me Doing Vaporwave" is nearly an 80's style electronic ballad. 

You can listen to "A Love Uncertain" below. Dystopian Demos is now available on The Sheila Divine's Bandcamp. For more on Aaron Perrino, check out The Sheila Divine on Facebook and Twitter.

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