Monday, August 10, 2020

STL GLD - "My Block"

In a world where STL GLD's 2017 song "I Can't Breathe" sounds like it was written last week, we've been desperately waiting to hear something new from the Boston hip hop group. Last week they came back with "My Block," and we are definitely not disappointed. "My Block" is a slow burn of a song that seethes with intensity. If you were to just listen to it in the background, it might sound fairly chill, but if you focus on the song at all, you'll be sucked in by just how intense it is. And that's before the gang chorus kicks in. It has an almost dirty feel to it, despite how slick the production is. Let's just hope this is the beginning of a flurry of new music from STL GLD.

You can watch the video for "My Block" below. The song is available now via AR Classic Records. It's available through multiple platforms here. For more on STL GLD, check out their website.

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