Friday, August 28, 2020

MOURN - "This Feeling is Disgusting"

No band makes us feel quite as old as Spain's MOURN. We're probably (definitely) old enough to be every member of the band's dads, but how are we supposed to resist a song like "This Feeling is Disgusting?" It's a two minute burst of pure noisy power pop. Fuzzy and jangly guitars combine into this perfect song that combines 90's indie rock with punk and pop. Plus, the ever so slightly off tune vocals and the shouted gang vocals just pull the entire thing together. If that still doesn't sell you on the joy of MOURN, according to their Bandcamp profile their influences include PJ Harvey, Sebadoh, Sleater Kinney, and Patti Smith. You simply can't go wrong with that.

You can listen to "This Feeling is Disgusting" below. Self Worth, the upcoming album from MOURN, is due out on October 30. You can pre-order a copy via the band's Bandcamp. For more on MOURN, check out their Facebook.

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