Thursday, August 13, 2020

Annie Taylor - "Where the Grass is Greener"

Photo bu Piet Alder
Switzerland four piece Annie Taylor are set to release their debut album, and after listening to "Where the Grass is Greener" you're going to be marking the release day on your calendar. "Where the Grass is Greener" has a chilled out California vibe, combining classic 60's southern Cali with a modern indie rock and folk sound. It's reminding me a lot of a more straight forward version of Pavement's "Range Life."

Vocalist Gini Jungi explains the inspiration for the song: "'Where the Grass is Greener' began to take shape in Palm Springs, California, after I accidentally attended a drum circle evening, which unexpectedly turned into an evening of unexpected fun, and somehow I felt peaceful and relieved after that levitating night."

You can watch the video for "Where the Grass is Greener" below. Sweet Mortality, the debut album from Annie Taylor, will be out September 4 on Taxi Gauche Records. You can pre-order the album here. For more on Annie Taylor, check them out on Facebook.

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