Thursday, August 27, 2020

Air Traffic Controller - "Sometimes"

Air Traffic Controller have become a fixture of the Boston music scene for the past eleven years. Their blend of indie pop even sucks in indie rock snobs that hate all things pop (myself included). Their latest single, as with their upcoming album, was recorded in quarantine using socially distant techniques. Singer/songwriter Dave Munro had one of his bandmates recording him on a laptop while he performed vocals in a booth her constructed in his garage. Luckily, home recording techniques are at the point that "Sometimes" is just as shiny and polished as anything else in Air Traffic Controller's discography. It's the kind of upbeat, cheery song that we kind of need to hear in times like this. Positive vibes are welcome these days, and "Sometimes" delivers those. This is despite the fact that the song is about the end of an actual relationship. 

You can listen to "Sometimes" below. Air Traffic Controller are still working on album number five, which should be out in 2021. For more on Air Traffic Controller, check out the band's website.

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