Monday, November 1, 2021

Hana Vu - "Gutter"

Photo by Corinne Shiavone

When you hear music described as ethereal, you're not going to picture Hana Vu's latest single. "Gutter" is certainly ethereal. It has that dreamlike and fuzzy quality associated with that musical description. But no ethereal song has ever rocked quite as hard as this one. "Gutter" is filled with crunchy and fuzzy guitars and driving drums. It's like someone put albums from your favorite 90's genres (grunge, shoegaze, power pop, alt-singer/songwriter) into a blender and this is what came out. It's the kind of sound that is instantly familiar and completely fresh. 

Hana Vu says of the new single:

I used to watch these YouTube videos called Tales of Mere Existence by Levni Yilmaz when I was in middle school and then rediscovered them while writing this record. I actually wrote him a letter when I was 12 … this song is based on one of his shorts.”

You can watch a live performance video of "Gutter" below. Public Storage is due out November 5 on Ghostly International. You can pre-order/pre-save a copy here. For more on Hana Vu, check out the artist's Facebook and Twitter.

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