Friday, November 19, 2021

The Forms - "All Souls Day"

Photo by Noah Kalina

There's a certain segment of the population will listen to anything if they hear the name "Steve Albini," and I'm definitely one of those. Queens, NY's The Forms enlisted Albini to record some music which includes their new single "All Souls Day." The new song is about as far away from traditional rock as you can get. Most of the song is built around bass steel pan, and also include tack piano, rhodes, and hammond organ. The result is this hypnotic song with lyrics that sound quietly chanted in a way that feels like you're hearing some kind of ceremony happening in the next room. The song has an intensely personal vibe even at the larger parts. The Forms have created this unique sound that you need to check out.

Alex Tween of The Forms says of the new song:

"The 'soul' of our song 'All Souls Day' is the bass steel pan, a deep sonorous mysterious magical musical instrument we had never heard before that sounds ancient and futuristic all at once. Layered upon that is a tack piano, rhodes, and hammond organ while the vocals were recorded at a church in Rockaway, and the result is a strange dark meditative soundscape of a quiet apocalypse. We decided to release the song on the actual All Souls fact our entire release calendar was based upon that happening. The song is a wild mood swing after [the previous two singles] Head Underwater and Southern Ocean which were upbeat colorful freak pop songs. We don't know what kind of song All Souls Day is - but it's definitely in the vein of a doomy zeitgeist, which is leaned into by the song's video, in which we play the song in an isolated field in the middle of the Catskill Mountains, and over the course of the day seem to conjure forces that come alive by night as the surrounding goldenrod and spiders look on."

You can watch the video for "All Souls Day" below. The Forms have an album due out in 2022. Details will be forthcoming. For more on The Forms, check out the band's Facebook.

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