Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Rainn Byrns - "Never Ending Story"

Photo via Facebook

Rainn Byrns was born in Texas and now lives in South London, and his latest single embodies his odd geography. "Never Ending Story" is going to remind you of artists like The Kinks. It has that distinctly British feel and is just dripping with 1960's groovy cool. But it also shows off his Jonathan Richman influence with a bit of Richman's charm and easygoing confidence. But, being as Byrns is from Texas, there are the hints of a drawl and some country ramble thrown in here. It's an interesting mix of sounds Byrns is borrowing from that is going to be easy to love.

Rainn Byrns says of his new single:

“It’s the embodiment of giving up, but then there’s a freedom to that, when all is said and done. When you relinquish any expectations you can sometimes surprise yourself!

You can watch the video for "Never Ending Story" below. For more on Rainn Byrns, check out the artist on Facebook and Twitter.

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