Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Red Ledger - "I'm Just Being Dramatic (Ignore Me)"

Red Ledger are a Boston area band that formed in 2014 but are just coming to our attention now. The trio's latest single, "I'm Just Being Dramatic (Ignore Me)," combines a more mainstream alt-rock sound with melodic hardcore. It reminds me of an odd combination of Foo Fighters and Fugazi. The guitars are buzzsaw heavy with choruses that are just begging to be yelled out in an arena. This is just huge local rock that could have been a pretty big hit back in the days when we had alt-rock stations in Boston. 

You can listen to "I'm Juist Being Dramatic (Ignore Me)" below. Comfortably Stagnant is due out June 24. For more on Red Ledger, check out the band on Facebook. If you're in the Boston area, they're playing at The Middle East in Cambridge on May 14 with Waiver Wire and on June 3 at The Worthen in Lowell with blog favorites Sapling and Tysk Tysk Task!

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