Thursday, May 5, 2022

Brand New Lungs - "Stand Alone"

Montreal's Brand New Lungs have released a single that is sure to arouse nostalgia for a certain section of our listeners. "Stand Alone" is a loud and aggressive punk rock song that is catchy and sincere with one of the most anthemic choruses out there. In other words, "Stand Alone" is from that period of emo between the "emotional hardcore" of Dischord and the mainstream more pop punk sound of the late 90's. Brand New Lungs are much more Sunny Day Real Estate and Jawbreaker that My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy. This is from the glorious days when emo could actually be a genre you'd rock out to.

You can listen to "Stand Alone" below. The song is out now as a single via Thousand Island Records. For more on Brand New Lungs, check out the band's Facebook and Instagram.

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