Thursday, May 12, 2022

Street Trash Cover GG Allin

If you're going to be a New Hampshire punk band, by law you're required to cover GG Allin at some point. Brookline, NH's Street Trash chose to get that out of the way immediately with a cover of "Bite It You Scum." I'm a little too much of a weenie to truly be familiar with the original, but if you can picture a band called Street Trash covering GG Allin... this is pretty much what you'd expect. It's a glorious, trash punk mess in the best possible way. It's loud and noisy, but in that way where you know the band is playing like this intentionally. This is wonderfully dumb and loud punk, and sometimes you just need that.

You can listen to Street Trash's take on "Bite It You Scum" below. The song is currently available on the band's Bandcamp along with a cover of Fang's "The Money Will Roll Right In." For more on Street Trash, check out the band's Facebook.

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