Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Ghost Woman - "Clockwork"

Ghost Woman (aka the musical project of Canadian artist Michael Rault) has another single out that continues what we've loved about his music so far. "Clockwork" is another laid back psychedelic garage rock song. This one is a little more straightforward roots music than "Do You" and "Behind Your Eyes" are. It definitely has less distortion than "Behind Your Eyes" and is a little less hypnotic than "Do You." This one could easily get the attention of the more open minded neo-folk crowd despite not being remotely folk. If anything, this might be the gateway song to get your more mainstream friends prepared for what Ghost Woman has to offer.

You can watch the video for "Clockwork" below. Ghost Woman's self-titled debut is due out July 1 on Full Time Hobby. For more on Ghost Woman, check out the artist's Twitter and Instagram.

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