Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Carsie Blanton - "Rich People"

Photo by Shervin Lainez

One thing we love about Carsie Blanton is how she has mastered making music that sounds so sweet while being so viciously political at the same time. Her latest might be her sweetest and most vicious yet. "Rich People" is a jazzy, nightclub style song railing against the wealthy and how they are the root of all of our problems. It namechecks both Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher as the ones who set this all up, so CW if you're on the conservative side of things. You've never heard a line like "Rich people been fucking us all" delivered quite as sweetly as Blanton does here.

You can listen to "Rich People" below. For more on Carsie Blanton, check out the artist's website.

1 comment:

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