Monday, November 28, 2022

Emily Breeze - "The Bell"

Emily Breeze's new single is being called a "... 70's CBGB's inspired new wave anthem," but "The Bell" has a lot more going for it. Sure, it definitely has a New Wave inspired sound, and the guitar is straight out of the 70's punk and proto-punk sound, but the song sounds much more modern than that description entails. "The Bell" is mostly a pop song. It's high energy and ridiculously catchy, but that guitar sound keeps one foot planted firmly in rock. Breeze's latest will have you unsure if you want to dance or pogo, so you'll probably try to do both.

Emily Breeze says of her new song:

"[It's] a love song to nights spent in the local pub where you swing by for a quick pint after work. You are probably meeting a friend who is having a crisis, just one quick pint and then straight home. Your first glass is empty just as the conversation is getting to the important part but it's fine, two pints on a work night is totally fine. Crisis friend leaves to put the kids to bed and just as you are putting your jacket on, in walks an old mate who you haven't seen for ages. Go on then, just a half, oh alright yeah a pint, you have a lot to catch up on. You crack jokes and reminisce in the sepia glow of the golden hour and it is fun. Real actual fun. You talk of good times and desperate times, you're getting sentimental now, this is some grade A lager fuelled nostalgia. You stop counting drinks as it’s just started raining and somehow everyone you have ever known and loved is here. A Little Richard song comes on the stereo and you declare that soul and rock n roll are the highest forms of art. You seem to be making a speech and enter a heated debate with that weird guy who always sits at the bar as the quiet voice inside telling you to go home surrenders completely to the pub, the conversation, the good tunes, the cold beer and the old friends.  F**k it tomorrows gonna be alright.”

You can listen to "The Bell" below. Rapture is due out in February. For more on Emily Breeze, check out the artist on Facebook.

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