Tuesday, November 29, 2022

First Listen: New Releases for November 25

Artist: Summit Point.
Album: Vulnerable
Quick Thoughts: Loud and noisy in all the right ways, Summit Point. gives a really fuzzy and buzzy alt-rock effort reminiscent both of the mid-1990s and more recent acts like Charly Bliss and Daddy Issues. I loved this album, a late-year favorite in a year packed with winner after winner, but this deserves some of your time. It's absolutely the right album right now.
Songs of Note: "Change," "Settle," "Victim Blaming," "Reproach," "Memorial"

Artist: Tom Jenkins
Album: It Comes in the Morning, It Hangs in the Evening Sky
Quick Thoughts: Tom Jenkins is a solid singer-songwriter who puts out a pandemic-era record that doesn't feel like one, with beautiful and bright songs and a nice feel to it. In a busy week, I would recommend to anyone, but it's kind of the perfect album for the moment and I'm glad to get back to it. Great especially for fans of Travis.
Songs of Note: "In It Together," "It Comes in the Morning, It Hangs in the Evening Sky," "Under the Sun," "Products of the Western World"

Of note:

* Heather - Old Cry, I Walk (Many great moments.)
* i_o and Lights - Warehouse Summer (Another great collaboration between these two electronic acts.)
* Robyn Hitchcock - Shufflemania
* Sylvette - Single Thread
* Stormzy - This is What I Mean
* Fuckwolf - Goodbye, Asshole
* Calm Collapse - Mirrored Nature
* Moxy the Band - Dream Feeling
* Rabit - What Dreams May Come
* Mandala - Basement Flower Bouquet
* The Young Hasselhoffs - Life Got In the Way
* Soulside - A Brief Moment in the Sun
* Shirt and Jack Splash - I Turned Myself into Myself


* Mandrake Handshake - The Triple Point of Water
* Elder - Innate Passage
* Gabrielle Aplin - Don't Say
* Cornelia Murr - Corridor
* Walt Disco - Always Sickening
* Bonnie Kemplay - running out of things to say, running out of things to do
* Slikback and Shapednoise - DRS X
* Humour - pure misery
* stargaze - ONE

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Kitchen Disco
* Karate - Time Expired

Also out:

* Gentle Stranger - Upon Return

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