Monday, June 19, 2023

Raisin Awareness - "Never Ending Story"

Hailing from the UK, Raisin Awareness are getting called pop punk, but I'm not quite hearing enough pop in their punk for that category to work for me. Their debut single, "Never Ending Story," is proudly melodic, but so is Bad Religion and no one is calling them pop punk. The song is catchy with some pop tendencies, but it has just enough of an edge to keep from being truly pop. It also has wonderfully fuzzy guitars and driving drums that are going to suck you right in. Plus, the lyrics are clever while still being political.

Lead guitarist and vocalist Jo D says of the new single:

"When you actually sit down and think about how fucked the world is and that you’re part of that mess, it can feel overwhelming. Some of us have gotten very good at justifying our actions due to their convenience, or some of us simply stick our heads in the sand.”

You can watch the video for "Never Ending Story" below. The song will be available on Currant Times which is set to be released on Lockjaw Records. For more on Raisin Awareness, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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