Wednesday, June 7, 2023

First Listen: New Releases for 2 June 2023

Artist: Incentive Dry
Album: Stomachville
Quick Thoughts: Surprise of the week was also one of my favorites. Incentive Dry is a little shoegazey, a little grungey, and just a really great listen across the board. If you're into this sort of stuff, Incentive Dry should make it onto your radar, as it's one of the better listens in this area in some time.
Songs of Note: "Lava," "Stalker," "7"

Artist: Brandt Brauer Frick
Album: Multi Faith Prayer Room
Quick Thoughts: While I fully get that electronic music ain't for everyone, Brandt Brauer Frick is doing something a little different that's worth your time. It's not quite angular and abrasive as some of the more challenging groups out there, but it still throws some elbows and forces your attention. I loved the approach, I loved a lot of the songs on this album. It's absolutely worth a spin this week.
Songs of Note: "Dotted Line," "Perpetuate"

Album: What Better Time
Quick Thoughts: A lot has been said about the ska revival of late, but not enough people are talking about Title Holder. Maybe this will be the album to start, because it sounds exactly like what a modern ska album should sound like. A great balance of ska and punk leanings, catchy as hell songs. Can't go wrong.
Songs of Note: "Animal," "Empty Apartment," "It Doesn't Matter," "What Better Time," "Never Had a Chance in Hell"

Artist: Travels With Brindle
Album: Notes From Undergrad
Quick Thoughts: First a disclosure: Chelsea Spear, the brain and talent behind Travels With Brindle, is a longtime friend and sometimes collaborator. So I definitely do not come to Notes From Undergrad as an unbiased observer, but the good news is that I don't have to. In a musical landscape where ukulele music can come across as too cute by half, Spear gives us a literary-influenced album of uke-centered tunes with solid hooks and interesting musical choices. When this is working, it works really, really well. I've been singing "Linden Street" for weeks, and I'll be singing a lot of these songs for weeks to come.
Songs of Note: "Something's Wrong," "Two Devils," "Ivan," "Linden Street," "Rudolph's Ranch," "Switching Tracks"

Of note:

* Girls Under Glass - Backdraft (This is sneaky great.)
* Jake Shears - Last Man Dancing (MOAR DISCO.)
* Queen Esther - Rona (An interesting collection of songs and covers.)
* DJ Smokey - Nuked Out Dance Party
* Purr - Who Is Afraid of Blue?
* Bully - Lucky For You
* Anthony Naples - Orbs
* WITCH - Zango
* Jimbo Mathus - Since 1967
* Cowboy Junkies - Such Ferocious Beauty
* RVG - Brain Worms
* Protomartyr - Formal Growth in the Desert
* gal pal - This and Other Gestures
* Cowboys in the Campfire - Wronger
* The Aquadolls - Charmed
* Kiltro - Underbelly
* Foo Fighters - But Here We Are
* Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Council Skies
* Lanterns on the Lake - Versions of Us
* Rancid - Tomorrow Never Comes
* Katie Wighton - The End
* Sorry Girls - Bravo!
* Body Type - Expired Candy
* Gorgeous - Sapsucker
* Louise Post (of Veruca Salt) - Sleepwalker
* Headache - The Head Hurts but the Heart Knows the Truth
* FRANKIIE - Between Dreams


* corook - serious person (part 1)
* Public Phone School - Public Phone School
* Bambina - Soft Heat
* Hologram Teen - Day-Glo Heatwave EP
* :3ION - Eden
* Brian Eno - The Ritan Bells
* Carissa Johnson - L'Heure Bleue, After Dark

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Rodhad - Revisited

Also out:

* Vulfmon (of Vulfpeck/Vulf) - Vulfnik
* Ben Folds - What Matters Most
* Pupil Slicer - Blossom
* Helvetia - Everybody Come On Man

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