Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Lauren Lakis - "Terror Tears"

Austin's Lauren Lakis is being described as a "shoegaze dark rock artist," and based on her new single that's very appropriate, but there is much more to her sound. "Terror Tears" is indeed a dark song with a shoegaze wall of sound that washes over you while you listen. But the noise is more noisy and aggressive than you would normally hear with shoegaze, even dark shoegaze. "Terror Tears" has more of an 80's Sonic Youth sound, especially with the whine and fuzz of the guitar. What makes Lakis' sound more interesting is that there's an unexpected pop element to the song. The vocals are more poppy than you typically hear in shoegaze or indie rock, which ends up sucking you in even more while listening.

You can watch the video for "Terror Tears" below. A Fiesta and a Hell is due out in the Fall via Green Witch Recordings. For more on Lauren Lakis, check out the artist on Instagram and Facebook.

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