Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Parts Per Million - "CTRL ALT DEL"

Photo via Parts Per Million

Heavy music can be pretty derivative, so it's always a pleasant surprise to find a band playing interesting heavy rock. Boston's Parts Per Million stop just shy of being heavy metal, and I mean just shy. Their latest single, "CTRL ALT DEL," is a mid-tempo hard rock song that reminds me of if you could mix 90's alt-metal with artists like Led Zeppelin or The Who. It's a loud song that fits a surprising amount of melody into it without sacrificing the volume. It's filled with thundering drums and guitars, and vocals that come across as eerily hypnotic. "CTRL ALT DEL" is just a big and loud rock song that delivers a message about the scarier side of AI, and is going to be a must listen.

Guitarist/vocalist Paul Mcsweeney says of the band's new single:

“‘CTRL ALT DEL’ is about the rise of A.I. and where we all fit in as things change with that technology. It’s kind of a scary feeling to imagine being replaced in areas where we have always been needed. We’re on the cusp of a revolution that actually may hurt humanity as a whole if we don’t also rethink some of our social constructs and just put people out of jobs that may never return. That’s not even getting into the ultra scary idea of this thing sort of going full Skynet mode.”

You can watch the video for "CTRL ALT DEL" below. For more on Parts Per Million, check out the band's website.

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