Monday, October 2, 2023

La Rosa Noir - "Red Motorcycle"

Chicago post-punk band La Rosa Noir have one of the most unique sounds in the genre. Their new single, "Red Motorcycle," has that dark groove required with any post-punk, but there's a surprising surf rock sound to the guitar. The song throws back to both 60's lounge groove and 90's indie rock noise, while still having a sound that earns the band the right to use "Noir" in their name. Plus, they add mariachi horns to the song reminiscent of "Ring of Fire," so La Rose Noir have this incredible mix of post-punk, 60's lounge, surf rock, 90's indie rock, and classic country all in this one new song. This is going to be a band we'll be keeping a close eye on.

Frontwoman Yeshi Regalado says of her band's new song:

"This is the song that formed La Rosa Noir. It was the first song we all played together. The lyrical style of the song is influenced by Johnny Cash's story telling. I was obsessed with him at the time. I love playing minor rhythm chords; they've always felt so good. Once we were all jamming to it, it wasn't long until we all were in sync with one another. The song felt heavy, fast, bold, and strong which is everything I felt when I saw that red motorcycle one day. From that point forward, we all had an idea what La Rosa Noir is and was going to be."

You can listen to "Red Motorcycle" below. The song is available now via My Grito Industries. For more on La Rosa Noir, check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

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