Friday, October 13, 2023

Derek Smith - "Black Angel"

You might know Derek Smith as the frontman for The Cosmic Vultures, but he just released a new solo single. "Black Angel" is just a straight up great singer-songwriter song with elements of folk and country. It's one of those songs that starts simply enough on the folkier side of music, and builds into a rocker by the end. What really sucks you into a song like "Black Angel" is Smith's vocals. He just has a unique sound to his voice that reminds me of the mid-90's post grunge alternative goes pop period. Plus, there's one of the best twangy guitar solos to come out of Boston this year in the song, and who doesn't want one of those?

Derek Smith says of his new single:

"I am talking directly to God in this song. Whatever the concept of God is. Real, fake, whatever. I am not flat-out saying what I believe. Though, I am sure people are smart enough to know what and how I feel."

You can listen to "Black Angel" below. The single is out now via Oak Honest Records. For more on Derek Smith, check out the artist on Instagram and Facebook.

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